COVID-19 Procedure

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Covid19 Policy Statement:
This document has been written in response to the government advice that Early Years Childcare settings can re-open to children of all age from the 1st of June 2020. Coccinelle Day Nursery was close for 5 weeks in April.
The setting has reopened since the 11th of May. Coccinelle plan to ensure the safety and well-being of the children and their families and the nursery practitioners. This policy sets out in detail how the nursery aims to do that. As government advice and guidance changes, it will be updated.
The nursery is open to ALL children but with the following provisos’ 1. All children MUST be well and showing no Covid-19 symptoms (please do not give your child Calpol or similar for any reason and then send them to the setting as this will mask any temperature the child might have.) the setting will be excluding any child who is unwell even if it seems to be a cold, as the symptoms in children can vary so much. 2. On arrival, please ring doorbell and step back. The nursery operates a doorstep policy, NO adult will be allowed into the nursery. The same policy is in operation on collection please ring doorbell and wait. Practitioners will bring the children to you. Where possible the same parent will do both drop off and pick up. (Only 1 parent at a time)
If you see another parent waiting outside, please ensure you keep to the government’s social distancing rules by staying 2 metres apart.
It is important that you collect/drop your child at the setting promptly and leave as soon as possible.
If you wish to speak to the manager or your child key worker, please make an appointment as not to obstruct the door.
All children will be asked to wash their hands OR use sanitiser as soon as they arrive and frequently during the day.
The setting will monitor the health and wellbeing of the children in my setting in accordance with my existing policy and will administer first aid, as necessary.
3. Hygiene Practice
The setting will continue to work closely with children to help them learn good hygiene habits in accordance with my policy page.
Hand washing is particularly important at this time and practitioners will ensure that children wash their hands with soap/running water for a minimum of 20 seconds and drying on a single use paper towel.
• On arriving at the setting
• Before and after all snacks and meals
Foster Road Plaistow E138BT
• After sneezing or coughing.
• After meals
• Before using certain resources
• When coming in from the garden area.
Practitioners will also wash hands before and after preparing food, after wiping noses, helping children with the toilet, changing nappies, or handling their personal items as is the normal practice.
• Have tissues available and encourage children to use or elbow when coughing, sneezing and use bins for tissue waste.
• Help children to learn and practise these habits through games, songs, and repetition.
• Ensure that bins for tissues are emptied throughout the day.
• I will keep all spaces well ventilated whilst ensuring the safety of the children in my care.
4. Curriculum
The curriculum will continue learning through play and having fun, however the sharing and self-choosing of resources will be limited and activities will be adapted to minimise the risk of infection.
Where we use resources such as playdough, each child will have a small amount on their own tray which will be disposed of after use. Painting and crafts will also be done on individual tray with small paper bowls or plates with paint or craft material for each child.
We will carry on playing outside every day to get fresh air and stay healthy. However, in public spaces we will continue to maintain social distancing.
The garden resources will be cleaned and disinfected daily. NO toys are to be brought from home into the setting. Other things from home such as nappies and wipes must be brought in a plastic bag/container and labelled. These will be wiped down and kept out of reach. 6. Picking up from nurseries/schools Government guidelines advise that children should only attend 1 setting therefore the nursery may not be able to share care with other setting/schools that your child attends.
Priority will still sit with Keyworker and vulnerable children.
7. Presentation of symptoms re Covid 19
If you or a member of your household present symptoms of Covid 19, please follow the Government’s guidance and self-isolate.
Your child will need to be kept away from my setting for 10 days. In this instance, please email a signed letter confirming the dates of illness and of self-isolation. See Government’s guidance.
Foster Road Plaistow E138BT
If at any time members of the practitioners are tested positive. Parents will be informed and for the safety of other practitioners, children and parents, nursery will shut for 10 days self-isolation as per government guidelines. Health of England and Ofsted will be notified.
8. Update emergency contact details for parents
As your emergency contact details may include adults over 70 or vulnerable people, please review who would be best to collect your child in an emergency. Should your child need to be collected, the setting will try the contact details I have for both parents first, but I will also need 2 other contact details; please discuss this with them beforehand.
9. Review Food hygiene practices
The setting will continue to follow established food hygiene practice according to hygiene policy.
10. Risk Assess new hazards.
The setting review and updated risk assessment of every term, highlighting any new potential risks considering Covid-19. This will be available for you to read through should you wish to see how the setting intend to manage specific risks.
11. Cleaning
The setting daily disinfects the resources and furniture to keep it as clean as possible. Resources are the ones which can be easily washed or cleaned each day. Books will be limited board books only. For now, I will be suspending my policy of allowing children to freely access all resources as they wish, the resources will need to be limited so that I can clean and rotate them daily. (NURSERY HAS FOGGING SYSTEM IN PLACE)
All surfaces, hand contact points, bathrooms and resources will be cleaned with disinfectant throughout the day. The toilet will be cleaned and wiped with disposable disinfectant wipes after each use, as will the taps and light switch. Nappy changing areas as ever will be disinfected after each use, as it always was the case. All floors and hard surfaces will be cleaned again at the end of each day.
12. Keeping parents informed
The setting will share as much information as possible with all families and will keep them updated of changes to guidance from the government, Public Health, Local Authority and all the policies and practice.
The setting is aware that although this document contains a lot of information, it is impossible to cover every eventuality. Advice will change and it will be updated to families as soon as possible.
Foster Road Plaistow E138BT
Please be assured, that as ever, your child’s well-being, safety and enjoyment are at the heart of everything the setting does. We know this is an unsettling time but feel confident that the setting manages the situation sensibly and safely, keeping everyone as healthy as possible.
Please help the setting to do this by respecting the guidelines that has been put in place and discuss with management anything you think the setting could be doing further.

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